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Self Renewing Bread Leavens



Use whole wheat, white wheat, spelt, kamut or other flour to make delicious simple cultured crepes.  Refresh the culture with flour, water, and honey about 12- 24 hours before use and keep it in the refrigerator.  The culture batter (flour, water, and honey), egg (or substitute) and salt (optional) is the entire recipe.  Use a small amount of butter or oil in a crepe pan plus 3 Tablespoons of batter to make a delicious crepe for breakfast, brunch, or dessert.

The culture is best when refreshed once a week but will wait a full month if needs be.  We ship the culture based on organic whole wheat flour but you may use any flour of your choice.  Whether the filling be sweet or savory, the crepes are fast and easy.  The same batter can be used to make a great bread, recipe included.

Cultured Crepes  

 $20.00 (Plus Shipping,  See U.S. Orders Page)

Order Directions and Form: Within U.S.



Organic whole wheat flour and pure water made to the consistency of a soft dough are all that is needed to maintain this non-sour natural leaven.  The day before baking, refresh this cool-loving bread starter with more flour and water and return it to the refrigerator to slowly energize.  The next day, remove a portion to continue the culture and use the rest to bake hearty, old world bread, rolls or crackers.

To maintain maximum leavening power, it needs to be "fed" fresh flour and water once a week.  However, if you don't plan to bake with it, just put the whole thing back in the refrigerator for up to another week.  Instructions and recipes included.

Cool Rise Natural Leaven    $20.00 (Plus Shipping,  See U.S. Orders Page)

Order Directions and Form: Within U.S.


RYE SOURDOUGH  (Made without Wheat*)

We have used this Alaskan sourdough since 1976.  Regular use assures the sour flavor and active leavening for all your baking needs.  The slow raising of the sourdough culture assists in the breakdown of complex carbohydrates to make breads more digestible and delicious.  The old time sour of this culture will also give hotcakes, biscuits, and muffins a unique flavor.

We maintain this culture using organic rye flour but, if you prefer another flour, simply continue the culture on the flour of your choice.  Culture instructions and recipes for bread, pancakes and muffins are included.

Fresh Rye Sourdough    $20.00 (Plus Shipping,  See U.S. Orders Page)

Order Directions and Form: Within U.S.


BROWN RICE SOURDOUGH (Made without Gluten*)

Kept on only organic brown rice flour and pure water, this culture contains no wheat or gluten.  Included instructions tell how to maintain this starter and how to make delicious no knead brown rice bread, muffins and pancakes.  This sourdough may also be maintained on other gluten free flours just by refreshing it with the flour of your choice.

Brown Rice Sourdough    $20.00 (Plus Shipping,  See U.S. Orders Page)

Order Directions and Form: Within U.S.

*NOTE: All our cultures are prepared in the same one-room lab/kitchen.  All care is taken to keep cultures pure to their stated ingredients but miniscule contaminants of other flours may be present.

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