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U.S. Order Form


Ordering and Shipping (U.S.)

Please read these directions for sales conditions and shipping BEFORE continuing on to U.S. Order Form.

Conditions of Sales: Your order will be prepared and shipped with the greatest care.  However, you assume all risk involved with ordering these consumable products, as there are too many factors that are beyond our control once they leave our care.  There are no returns, no refunds, no guarantees, no replacements.  We are not responsible for late, lost or failed delivery. All sales are final.



There are three ways to place an order with us from within the U.S. :

1.  You can send us your order in the mail, along with a Check or Money Order to the address located above and on our U.S. Order Form, which can be printed.  If you are unable to print our order form, use any piece of paper to provide all the information we ask for on our order form.

 2.  You can email your order by listing the items you would like and the quantities of each.  Also, provide the shipping address and your Pay Pal email address, then we will send you Pay Pal instructions.  gemculture@juno.com

3.  You can also make a transfer using Zelle.  To use this option, please email us at gemculture@juno.com with your entire order and we can give you instructions for this.


Fresh Orders: $16.00 Shipping with Cold Ice Pack.  (Not Available Outside U.S.)

Any Order with 1 or more of these Cultures: Kefir, Viili, Fil Mjölk, Seed Miso, Kombucha, Rice or Rye Sourdoughs, Cool Rise and Cultured Crepe, Add $16.00 for shipping, This covers all items in your order including any Dry Goods(Example: 1 x Villi- $21.00, 1 x Kombucha- $20.00 and 1 x Natto Kit- $7.00 + $16.00 shipping = $64.00 Total)


Cultures shipped with an Ice Pack are shipped on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.  These are shipped USPS Priority Mail only (2-3 day delivery).  Please be sure to provide an address that will allow you to receive your order as quickly as possible, as we are not responsible for packages left out in the heat or the cold or at the post office. Please supply your email address or phone number so you can be notified when your order is shipped.  A Tracking number from USPS will be emailed to you if you provide us an email address. We are not responsible when contact information is not given. Most orders are shipped within 7 days, however, Fresh Cultures are cultured specifically for you after receiving your order so there can be a 2 week delay in shipping them, depending on quantities of orders received.  Please do not call to check on your order unless it has been over 2 weeks since placing it. Due to the high volume of calls received, we ask that you use e-mail, if possible, if it becomes necessary to check on your order. Send inquiries to gemculture@juno.com .


Shipping Interruptions: Fresh Cultures will not be shipped the weeks of: May 29, July 4, November 23 and December 16, 2023 through January 2, 2024.  Extreme heat/freeze will also delay shipping. (Please see Home page).  During the extreme heat of Summer (typically August) we will take a shipping break and post these dates on the Home page.


Dry Orders: ( Dry Cultures and Goods)

These are orders that do not include Fresh Cultures (See above) and are shipped USPS First Class or Priority Mail depending on quantities and what you have ordered. 

Be sure to indicate:   Koji variety and sizeLight, Red, Barley, Soy or Shoyu:  Kit-15g or Commercial 40g or 60g.(pure spore)

                                   Natto size:  Kit-11g or Commercial-3g (pure spore).

                                   Fermentation Cloth Cover color Royal Blue, Red, Black, Gray, Green, Navy, White or Yellow.

                                   Super Sealer Lid size:  Standard or Wide Mouth.


Shipping Scale For Dry Orders:

            $0 to $10.00............$6.00                                 $70.01 to $80.00.....$13.00

            $10.01 to $20.00.....$7.00                                 $80.01 to $90.00.....$14.00

            $20.01 to $30.00.....$8.00                                 $90.01 to $100.00......$15.00

            $30.01 to $40.00.....$9.00                                 $100.01 to $110.00....$16.00

            $40.01 to $50.00.....$10.00                               $110.01 to $120.00....$17.00

            $50.01 to $60.00.....$11.00                               $120.01 to $130.00....$18.00

            $60.01 to $70.00.....$12.00                               $130.01 and up...........$19.00                                         


Payment: For Pay Pal or  Zelle, email us at gemculture@juno.com or,  send Check or Money Order to: 

GEM Cultures, Inc.
PO Box 39426
Lakewood, WA 98496

E-mail: gemculture@juno.com

Phone: 253-588-2922

Order Form: U.S. Order Form

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