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Self Renewing Water Kefir


Although the exact origin is unclear, Water Kefir has been prepared and enjoyed for many centuries.  Water Kefir is a cultured soft drink that is prepared by fermenting Water Kefir Grains in a solution of sugar and water.  This produces a carbonated, probiotic beverage.  To this, you can add a variety of fruits, juices or Coconut Water to make hundreds of flavored drinks.  For those who do not want to include dairy in their diet this is the answer for you as it is completely dairy free.

We supply instructions and enough Water Kefir Grains to culture 2 cups of Water Kefir to start with.  As your grains multiply (and this will be fast) you will be able to make larger amounts.  If cared for properly, these Water Kefir Grains will last indefinitely. 

Our Water Kefir Grains are shipped fresh, not dehydrated, so you will be able to get started right away!


Fresh Water Kefir Grains                                  

 $20.00 (Plus Shipping,  See U.S. Orders Page)

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These wonderful cloth covers are an attractive way to cover your ferments whether it is Dairy Kefir, Kombucha or Water Kefir, etc.  Made of stretchy 95% Cotton-5% Spandex and elastic, they snuggly fit the quart, half gallon and gallon size jars (3.25"-5.5"), as well as a bowl when making Villi, keeping dust and pests out of your ferments.  Available in 8 colors.  Reusable and hand washable, just lay flat to dry!  These covers are handmade locally, for GEM Cultures by Darling Dunhams.

Fermentation Cloth Covers Please State Color: Red, Royal Blue, Black, Gray, Green, Navy, White or Yellow.  Temporarily Out of Stock

Order Directions and Form: Within U.S.

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